MiCO SDK  V3.0.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 MICO Core APIsMiCO Initialization, RTOS, TCP/IP stack, and Network Management
 Initialization and ToolsGet MiCO version or RF version, flash usage information or init MiCO TCPIP stack
 MICO RTOS OperationsProvide management APIs for Thread,Mutex,Timer,Semaphare and FIFO
 MICO Socket OperationsCommunicate with other device using TCP or UDP over MICO network
 MiCO Wlan operationsProvide management APIs for MiCO wlan function
 MICO Hardware Abstract Layer APIsControl hardware peripherals on different platfroms using standard HAL API functions
 Task switching, reboot, and standbyProvide task switching,reboot and standby functions
 MICO ADC DriverAnalog to Digital Converter (ADC) Functions
 MICO Flash DriverFlash operation Functions
 MICO GPIO DriverGeneral Purpose Input/Output pin (GPIO) Functions
 MICO I2C DriverInter-IC bus (I2C) Functions
 MICO MFiAuthProvide APIs for Apple Authentication Coprocessor operations
 MICO NanoSecond DriverProvide APIs for MiCO NanoSecond operations
 MICO PWM DriverPulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Functions
 MICO RNG DriverRandom Number Generater(RNG) Functions
 MICO RTC DriverReal-time clock (RTC) Functions
 MICO SPI DriverSerial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Functions
 MICO UART DriverUniversal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) Functions
 MICO WDG DriverHardware watch dog Functions (WDG) Functions
 MICO Algorithm APIsProvide commonly used Algorithm APIs
 MICO MD5 EncryptionMiCO MD5 Encryption Function
 MICO HMAC_MD5 EncryptionMiCO HMAC_MD5 Encryption Function
 MICO DES Encryption AlgorithmMiCO DES Encryption and Decryption Function
 MICO AES Encryption AlgorytmMiCO AES Encryption and Decryption Function
 MICO ARC4 Encryption AlgorytmMiCO ARC4 Encryption and Decryption Fucntion
 MICO Rabbit Encryption AlgorithmMiCO Rabbit Encryption and Decryption Function
 MICO RSA Encryption AlgorithmMiCO RSA Encryption and Decryption Function
 MICO CRC8 CheckMiCO CRC8 Check Function
 MICO CRC16 CheckMiCO CRC16 Check Functions
 MICO System APIsMiCO System provide a basic framework for application based on MiCO core APIs
 System General ToolsRead MiCO system's version
 Core Data FunctionsSystem core data management, should initialized before other system functions
 System Framework FunctionsInitialize MiCO system functions defined in mico_config.h
 System Monitor FunctionsCreate monitors in MiCO. Monitors should be updated periodically, if not, a system reboot will perform
 System Power Management FunctionsPerform a safety power status change on MiCO
 System Notify FunctionsRegister a user function to a MiCO notification, this function will be called when a MiCO notification is triggered
 System Config Server DaemonLocal network service, used to change MiCO system's configurations
 System Command Line InterfaceMiCO command console
 System mDNS service functionsMulticast DNS is a way of using familiar DNS programming interfaces, packet formats and operating semantics, in a small network
 MiCO System time functionsFunctions to get and set the real-time-clock time
 Firmware Update From a TFTP ServerProvide an easy way to download firmware from tftp server, use a predefined wlan and server address. It is used under factory environment
 MiCO Bluetooth APIsMICO Bluetooth Framework Functions
 FrameworkBluetooth Framework Management Functions
 DeviceBluetooth Device Management Functions
 PacketBluetooth Packet Management Functions
 SmartBridge Whitelist FilterSmartBridge Whitelist Filter Functions
 SmartBridge ManagementSmartBridge Management Functions
 BT peripheral Socket and Connection ManagementSmartBridge Socket and Connection Functions
 Smart Peripheral AdvertSmart Peripheral Advertising Functions
 Smart peripheral Attribute Value databaseSmart Peripheral External Attribute Value Database Functions
 AttributeBluetooth Smart Attribute Abstraction
 SmartBridgeBluetooth SmartBridge Functions
 MiCO Middleware APIsProvide MiCO Middleware Programming APIs
 MiCO HTTP Web ServerProvide MiCO HTTP Web Server APIs
 MiCO File Sytem OperationsProvide management APIs for file system
 MiCO Network Time APIsProvide MiCO APIs to get standard Network time
 MiCO JSON ParsingProvide APIs for JSON Message Parsing
 MiCO Ring BufferProvide APIs for Ring Buffer
 MiCO Security UtilsProvide APIs for Security Utils
 MiCO Socket ToolProvide APIs for socket tool
 MiCO String UtilsProvide String operations APIs
 MiCO Time UtilsProvide APIs for Time Utils
 MiCO TLV UtilsProvide APIs for TLV Functions
 MiCO URL UtilsProvide URLParse Components
 MiCO Drivers InterfaceProvide driver interface for MiCO external devices
 MiCO display DriverProvide driver interface for display devices
 MiCO keypad DriverProvide driver interface for keypad devices
 MiCOKit Ext DriverProvide driver interface for MiCOKit Ext devices
 MiCOKit STmems DriverProvide device driver interface for MiCOKitSTmems board
 MiCO Motor DriverProvide driver interface for Motor Devices
 MiCO LED DriverProvide driver interface for LED devices
 MiCO Sensor DriverProvide driver interface for MiCO Sensor Devices
 MiCO SPI_Flash DriverProvide driver interface for SPI Flash device